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growingup英语作文,一篇以growing up为话题的大一英语文章

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本文摘要:一篇以growing up为话题的大一英语文章因为不告诉你的数字容许,不过这篇还是不俗的Everybody has a fear about growing up. It’s all a part of the growing up process, but what exactly do we fear? The thought of going to a new school? Making big decisions? Leaving friends behind?


一篇以growing up为话题的大一英语文章因为不告诉你的数字容许,不过这篇还是不俗的Everybody has a fear about growing up. It’s all a part of the growing up process, but what exactly do we fear? The thought of going to a new school? Making big decisions? Leaving friends behind? Being left behind? Wearing a tie? Or simply not knowing what will happen next? We all have these fears. Unfortunately, they don't go away when you get older. Actually, it only gets worse. The bigger you get, the fewer places there are to hide. Life will set in and power upon you. There will be more responsibility, more work to do, more pressure to succeed. Growing up, the world is a cold and scary place, filled with unknown.But, hey, it’s not that bad. It’s also filled with amazing things and awesome adventures. The older you get the more you’ll experience. You meet new people, make new friends, doors will open leading you to new worlds and exciting opportunities. Embrace the dream not knowing what will happen next. Life is supposed to be a surprise; there is no reason to resent getting older. It will be boring if we stay the same forever. Don't worry too much about growing up. After all, how else would you reach the cookie jar?英语作文My growing-upstory40词“Growing Pains” seems full of knowledge and experience. So it does because all of us have growing pains and also growing gains in our lives. Growing up is not a very enjoyable time. It means I have to work hard in studying and in family. There’s always so much homework given by teachers and so many arguments between the parents and me. The time is fair, but it seems it gives pains three quarters and only one quarter to gains. But gains give me power and confidence. Successes and friendship make me happy and enjoyable. We played with snow in the winter that seldom snows, we flew kites in the night that usually belongs to homework, we ate several ice creams that almost made us cold. We picked up leaven that no longer high up! Although pains are always more than gains, I believe both of them make my life more colorful“茁壮的苦恼”,或许充满著了科学知识和经验。它显然是这样,因为我们所有的人都有茁壮的苦恼,在我们的生活中也更加大收益。长大后,是不是一个十分无聊的时间。这意味著我必需努力工作,自学和家庭。



我们拿起酵仍然低了!虽然伤痛总是多达收益,我坚信他们都让我的生活更为丰富多彩英语作文growing up with my teacher60词When it comes to summer, my favourite thing to do is just hanging out at the beach.Let the breeze goes through my hair, my clothes and every inch of my skin.Let the sun shines onto my whole body and gives me warmth.I like to play beach volleyball with my friends. It doesn't matter whether I lose or win, but whether we enjoy ourselves or not.Summer is such a great time in the year!在夏天,我最喜欢的事情就是在海边游荡。让微风穿越我的头发,我的衣服和我的每一寸肌肤。

让太阳照亮到我的全身,给我寒冷。我讨厌和我的朋友打沙滩排球。不管我否赢或输掉,但我们否玩游戏得很快乐。今年夏天是一个幸福的时光!质问: 能换一个么?问: My SummerI love summer very much. In summer, it's hot, and sometimes it's rainy. People wear T-shirts, shorts and sunglasses. Girls love to wear dresses and skirts. I love swimming in summer. So I always go swimming with my parents in the sea. Sometimes, I like to play basketball on the playground with my friends if it's not very hot. My favorite food in summer is ice-cream. It's very cold and sweet. It's delicious for me in summer. Wow, summer is really my favorite season! 我的夏天我十分讨厌夏天。




它很冷又辣。夏天对我来说是美味的。哇,夏天是我最喜欢的季节!质问: 过于谢谢了问: 望接纳哦! 质问: 关于冬天的60词英语作文(带上翻译成) 问: Winter is my favorite season.Winter is coming also means snow is following.I believe no one dislike snow ,the white ,beautiful flowers.When it is snowing,we will rush out of the warm and comfortable houses,run and play on the ground ,enjoying the happiness .I also like skiing with friends.So, how can I forget the winter,and the white ,beautiful flowers,and our simple happiness.冬天是我最喜欢的季节。冬天来了也意味著雪。



所以,我怎么能记得了冬天,和白色的,美丽的花朵,我们非常简单的快乐。欲一篇英语作文 growing up with motherMy mother is an educated woman, who has many good qualities. Like all other mothers, she is responsible and devotes most of her efforts to our family. She treats my father kindly and cares for her children whole?-heartedly. When my mother has spare time, she reads books and newspapers, so she knows many stories. After supper, I often sit in our living room, listening to her telling stories. She has a gift for telling interesting stories. My mother is a learned woman, so I often consult her whenever I have any difficulty in my lessons. Her explanations are very helpful, so she is not only my mother but also my teacher. Although she inspires me to study hard, she never allows me to study late at night. What’s more, she often takes me out to play on Sundays. When I am playing, she will remind me not to waste so much time or I will fall behind my class. Mother loves me very much but does not allow me to do anything wrong, such as smoking, drinking, or gambling. Of course, she doesn’t do such things herself. She sets me a good example. She is the most wonderful mother in the world.欲一篇英语作文 主题是Growing up with the books(茁壮的书) 拒绝 15My best friend I have a friend.He is so smart that every time I talk with him,I learn a lot.He is the book.I read my first book when I was only five years old.Those interesting picture books gave me a happy childhood. When I came to my middle school,I became interested in the famous books.For example,The Old Man and the Sea,How the steel was tempered and The Red and The Black.They brought me to a new world.I learn more about people. The book is best friend,I am so lucky to grow up with it.纯手工,显原创。望接纳哦~欲一篇初二英语作文,题目为:“ Growing up is a/an___experience.空格堆的是形容词。

不少于80字我告诉他你该怎么写出哦, 作文可无法去找别人写出,不然以后不会更加倚赖的,小兄弟打气!我老大你构想,然后你来写出如何呢?题目为 growing up is a/an exciting experience茁壮是一种激动人心的经历。第一段写出,growing up is a/an exciting experience说明这个现象第二段写出,可以写出长大与不长大的不同点,不长大无法做到什么,而长大了能做到了(比如长大了可以照料自己父母呀,需要自己独立国家赚卖自己想的东西呀。



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